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  • Have you ever had a strong desire to write but didn't even know how to pen down the first words?

  • Do you feel frustrated, stressed, or worried by the feedback you are getting from your readers in spite of all the efforts you are putting in?

  • Would you like to know what to do to turn your readers into raving fans who keep coming back for more?
You Too Can Write

Hi, I'm  Toby.  I have been writing for the past six years and I want to teach you how to write the type of content that makes people stay glued and never stop reading.

Writing is a Gold Mine! Those Who Know How To Mine It Are Cashing Out Every Month...

Dear friend,

If you want to get a horde of readers waiting for the next thing you will write and have more than enough clients DEMANDING that you be the writer that develops all their content, then this is the most important book you need to read.

Are you in a hurry…

Here is why: My name is Toby Nwazor and six years ago I was flat broke. I had started a business the previous year but it got engulfed in a fire outbreak. 

One year later, I was at ground zero, literally living from hand to mouth. I stumbled into a freelance writing career with nothing other than my old laptop and less than $10/month internet subscription that only gave me access to the internet at night.

My first attempt at writing was a Total Disaster. 

I could write a few posts on Facebook and get my friends and family to read and shower me with praises, but other than that, I didn’t know how to write the type of articles people would pay for.

I opened my first blog. But after writing about three or four posts, I got stuck. “This writing thing is pretty harder than I imagined.”

After a few months of struggling and failing, I took the bull by the horn and started researching on the art of content writing. 

I read dozens of blog posts, watched tons of YouTube videos around content development and enrolled in a couple of writing courses.

Bam, it hit me.

There is an Art to Writing.  

There were secrets that most of the copywriting and freelance writing gurus were applying that made a difference for them. I applied the same secrets and it became a game changer for me.

I Went From Writing as a Hobby to Turning Freelance Writing into a Career for Myself!

I closed down my business and started writing full time. 

Everyone thought I had finally gone crazy. There was no way to make a living as a freelance writer… But I didn’t listen to them.

I had seen a few people who could write exceptionally well and earned a living from writing like Carol Tice, Bamidele Onibalusi, and Elna Cain. And I was following their footsteps.

Just like them, my write-ups became exceptional!  I started writing and getting published on major magazines and websites like Huffington Post...

Over time my write-ups started getting published on more and more websites

MSN, Fox News, Fortune, Business 2 Community, E27, Thrive Global, Search Engine Watch, Dumb Little Man, Pick The Brain, Dzone, Hackernoon, All Business, Equities, Customer Think, Daily Kos, Home Business Mag, Pak Wired, OnMogul, and so many other places that I can't even mention.

Yahoo News

Fox News


Businesses wanted me to be on their team

Editors wanted me to become a weekly contributor

And I was getting loads of glowing recommendations

So instead of pitching for writing jobs and getting rejected...I started getting emails from scores of digital marketers who wanted me to handle their content.

Loads of bloggers wanted me to guest post on their blogs.

In fact, I became so good that one of my articles got shared more than 53,000 times at a point.


At this point, it was not just about me anymore...

Many people started reaching out to me. They wanted to become exceptional writers too.

Some people needed help discovering their writing voice. They wanted to become the type of writers that attracted hundreds of thousands of readers too.

So I started teaching these lessons.

These simple but proven lessons are GUARANTEED to turn you into a most sought after writer and make your write-ups most engaging.

Just Because I Want To Help More People...

...I decided to compile a major part of these lessons into a book.

I must warn however that these secrets will not work for you if you don’t take action immediately.

But if you are an action taker, I GUARANTEE that the secrets you will learn will turn you into an exceptional writer. It will also give you the freedom to choose the type of jobs to accept and who to work with.


You Too Can Write

Proven formula to write what will keep your readers glued and make them come back for more

In this very affordable Ebook, you will learn...

  1. 1
    How I use the K.I.S.S secret to eliminate boredom in everything I write and how you can too
  2. 2
    How to discover your writing voice and style
  3. 3

    The simple strategy used by great public speakers like Jesus Christ, and Barack Obama to make their speeches very interesting and how you can apply that to your writing

  4. 4
    How to turn your write-ups into journeys that your readers would love to embark on
  5. 5
    How to remove superfluity and make your write-ups thought-provoking so you can get more shares
  6. 6
    Techniques to overcome writer’s block permanently

What People Are Saying...

“A flight ticket to soar higher in my writing career”

"Ever since I discovered my passion for writing, I've been on the quest to discover how to make the most out of this potential. Before now, I took some courses on the basics of freelance writing. But, I still  desired to know how best to maximize the skill.

That was where I was when I connected with Toby Nwazor. After reading the description, I  was convinced he had the solution I needed. And the fact that it was coming from someone who already had glowing results got me convinced.

So I went for it.

I must confess that this is one of the most rewarding investments I have made. What I gained was a flight ticket to soar higher in my writing career.

I recommend this book to you if you are a writer and you desire to become a successful one. Toby Nwazor is the man for the job."

Chinonso Ndukwe
- Freelance Writer

“This is more than a guide/book, but an amazing tool..."

“Amazing, truly amazing book, Toby! I began reading it on my bed last evening but on realizing how practical and interactive it was, I decided to put it off  until today. So happy I did.

This is more than just a guide/book but an amazing tool. Man, I love the well placed testimonials and references used to really illustrate and drive the points made in each section. Thumbs up."

Nigel Allsop
CEO of Proguest Marketing Services

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  1. 1
    Are you a coach or a consultant, or do you train people in any form... And you want to put your ideas in a written format that can be read by millions of people worldwide?
  2. 2
    Have you ever thought about writing your own blog posts but didn't know how to go about it?
  3. 3
    Are you a website owner - who wants a flood of the most highly-qualified and cashed-up customers waiting in line to do business with you after reading your blog posts?
  4. 4
    Do you feel stressed, frustrated, anxious, or worried by the feedback you are getting from your readers in spite of all the efforts you are putting in?
  5. 5
    Do you feel stressed, frustrated, anxious, or worried, by the feedback you are getting from your readers in spite of all the efforts you are putting in?
  6. 6
    Do you have a yearning to express your ideas through written words but you don't know how to pen the first words?

If you answered "Yes" to any of the questions above, then this "Secret Writing Formula"

was written with you in mind. 

Ready to begin this

profound writing journey?

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

If all I did was give you this book, you are going to get

A Lot Of Value!

If you make use of the secrets I will share with you, you are surely going to turn your readers into raving fans.

If all this book achieved was that, would it be worth a $37 (N16,650) price tag?

Absolutely! It would.

But guess what? I am not going to give it to you at that price. No, far from it.

What if I decide to charge you $25, I am sure you would jump at it because you are ready to become a most-sought-after writer.

But guess what? I still won’t charge you that?

Quick question...

How much would I charge for this book and you will have no excuse to not get it?

What if I gave it to you at the Price of a pizza

All I want is for you to have nothing stop you from getting the helpful secrets I shared in the book. So I want to do something crazy by making this so affordable that you can get all the value I am sharing just for the price of a pizza.

If I consider the value this book offers, then I would sell it at $25 at least, or N10,000. And that is even way below what you will get a lot of the books and courses that end up teaching you nothing practicable. 

But I am choosing to give it to you at the price of a pizza; that is $5.77 or N2,000 only, instead of N10,000.

And it will be worth every cent...

Because I love quick action takers...

I am going to make you an irresistible offer:

If you pay for this book between now and the 31st of December 2020, then all you have to pay to get it with all the bonuses that come with it is $3.97 or N1,000.

You heard me right, N1,000!

Yeah, this sounds ridiculous, I know. But to make the most of this offer, you must promise to do two things for me:


  • You must read the book as soon as you get it and start taking action on what you learn immediately.
  • 2

  • Secondly, you are going to send me written or video testimonials if you get value from the book.
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    toby@millionairewriters.com or 09090782832


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    Below is an email I got from the Bella Naija Team after writing for them for just five months. They wanted me to have a weekly column!

    Just like them, I have dozens of clients and editors who I have written for that equally love my work and end up referring me to other people.

    Can you beat that?

    That is how I never run out of writing jobs. Yeah, that’s the secret right there: referrals. And I will show you how to write seamlessly to always get them.

    This and more are the secrets I will be sharing with you in this book.

    Remember, if you are a quick action taker, all you have to do to get this mind-blowing book with all the attached bonuses is:

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    A Few More Testimonials to Prove it Works for Real People

    “Toby knows his onions"

    “Wow! It was mind blowing. Toby knows his onions... I learn the steps in storytelling in order to create content. "

    Florence Nwaka
    - Network Marketer

    “Toby is too creative in his style..."

    “I learnt so much especially the art of storytelling and I really need to buckle up because Toby is too creative in his style.  On the spot, he blew my mind. The take off and landing is too crucial. #Value "

    Kayode De Popsy
    - Social Media Strategist
    Toby Nwazor

    Founder, Millionaire Writers

    About the Author

    Toby Nwazor is the founder of Millionaire Writers where he offers writing services, and shares tips on how to monetize freelance writing. Since 2015, he has helped hundreds of businesses turn in 10x profit by employing effective content marketing strategies to drive thousands of customers to their websites.

    He writes on topics related to digital marketing, SEO, and startups. He can be contacted at toby@millionairewriters.com.

    Hot Bonuses for Fast Action Takers

    If I were to stop here, you would have gotten more than enough value for your money. 

    But they don’t call me “Value King” in vain.

    For taking this step today and because I love quick action takers, I am going to add some bonuses to you free of charge!

    Your First Freelance Writing Job

    15 Remote Sites That Post Freelance Writing Gigs

    I once took a survey and the results showed that the greatest concern most freelance writers face is getting paying jobs. I used to be in that position. It took me approximately eight months to get my first paying gig as a writer. Eight long and frustrating months. 

    Through this book, I wish to bridge that gap for you by sharing 15 sites where writing gigs are posted every day. All you need to do is visit the websites and apply for the jobs you fancy. Once your pitch is accepted, you start writing and start earning. Simple, right?


    10 Free Resources to Upgrade Your Writing Game

    One of the things that make the difference between amateurs and professionals is the tools they use and their mastery of those tools. There are a lot of tools that I have used in the past five years which have made a remarkable difference in my professional writing career.

    In this short ebook, I will give you access to ten of them. And the amazing thing is that all of them are totally free. You don’t need to make any payment to start to use them. Do you want to upgrade your writing game? Here are the tools to start off with.


    10 Freelance Writing Markets That Will Pay You

    Discover different markets in the freelance writing world and which one to niche out on to start cashing out

    Like you probably know, it took me about eight months to start getting paid gigs as a freelance writer. One of the problems I faced was not even knowing the markets to look at. I don’t want you to experience the same delay that I did.

    That is why I wish to help you bridge that gap by sharing the insights I have gotten over the years that will help you get paid gigs as soon as possible. 

    And the easiest way to do that is to make sure you are playing in the right writing markets. In this book, I will talk about 10 of these markets. 



    What you are getting



    You Too Can Write



    Your First Freelance Writing Job



    10 Writing Tools to Upgrade Your Game



    Freelance Writing Markets That Pay




    N37, 850

    Wait! What if the book is not worth the hype?

    I am glad you asked that…

    Just to show you how much I believe in this, I am going to give you a 30 days 100% money back guarantee.

    100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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    Sounds Unbelievable, Right? 

    Trust me, I am not stupid. If I am going to sound this confident and even promise you a 30 days 100% money-back guarantee, it is because I am sure that this book will transform your writing life.

    I am very sure, because I have been using the same formula as a writer for over five years!

    But just in case you are still not convinced and you wouldn’t want to stake your hard earned money on something you are not sure of…

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    I will apologize to you for wasting your time, and even let you keep all the bonuses.

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    Here is what you are getting

    • You Too Can Write (Ebook)
    • Free Resources to Upgrade Your Writing Game (PDF Guide)
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    • Your First Freelance Writing Job (PDF Guide)
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    Step 3

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is this a physical book?

    I am a newbie, is this book for me?

    For how long will I have access to this book and the bonuses?

    How do I get the book after making payment?

    Am I free to ask you questions if I need help along the way?

    How can I reach you if I experience any difficulty with payment?

    This Is A Limited Deal...

    This ebook is NOT going to be N1000 for long.

    I’m currently running a promo for the end of the year, and doing some marketing experiments to see which price point works best.

    So only those who buy this book before 12 midnight of 31st December, 2020 will get access to it and the bonuses at N1,000.

    From the 1st of January, 2020, I will  increase the price to N2,000. Later on, I will add a 30- Days Bootcamp to it and increase it to N10,000. And that is where it will stay unless I decide to add more bonuses and review it upwards again.

    In a few days time, 31st December to be precise, THE PRICE WILL DOUBLE. 

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