Top 10 Websites for Freelance Writers who Want to Make Money Fast

So you want to know the top 10 websites for freelance writers who want to start making money immediately? Maybe you’ve been struggling to get jobs and put yourself out there, but you never seem to find the right websites for freelance writers. Heck, you don’t even know where to look. 

I get that feeling. I remember how I felt when I got my first paying gig. This was months after writing free of charge on many websites. The thrill that comes with that first credit alert can’t be explained.

I want you to experience it too. When you’re new in the business, it can all seem very daunting. No worries! I will show you how you can shorten the process to getting your first payment.

In this article, I’ll be sharing with you, 10 top sites that make it easy for you to kickstart your freelance writing career. I’ll also be making some recommendations for you. 

Don’t get confused. These are not websites that will pay you to write. However, most of these websites are websites you should be using regularly if you are serious about making money immediately.

Some of them will put your work out there before the right client. Some will give you a platform to see those who will need your service. And some will serve as a portfolio for you to write and publish, in case a prospective client wants to see what you have done in the past.

Awesome right? Let’s dig in.

Here are the top 10 Websites for Freelance Writers who Want to Make Money Fast


Unlike most sites out there, Medium rewards writers based on the quality of content they can put out, and not click-bait. 

Writing on Medium is a good way to grow your readership and build authority in your chosen niche. It could also serve as a portfolio to dazzle your paying prospects. 

Medium won’t pay you for writing. But it will expose you to people who can pay. That way, you use one stone to kill three birds: attract paying clients, hone your writing skills, and build authority.

To join the medium partnership program is easy, all you have to do is click here, and get started.

2. LinkedIn

top 10 websites for freelance writers

You’ve probably heard about LinkedIn. It is one of the most scantily populated, but highly beneficial social media networks. 

Only a few people know how to utilize LinkedIn to promote their brand. So, if you are one of the top one percent that can navigate the LinkedIn algorithm, then you’re in for a good treat. 

LinkedIn is a publishing platform that helps you publish articles and posts centered on your areas of interest or expertise. 

Writing a LinkedIn article is pretty easy if you open an account of your own. 

Just like Medium, you won’t get paid for writing here. But most of the clients that pay me today are clients that I connected with on LinkedIn. So it serves its purpose.

You can create a LinkedIn account using this link.

         3. iWriter

top 10 websites for freelance writers

This is a cool site for beginner writers. You don’t only get to grow your audience, but you also get paid for publishing your articles. 

You can get paid from around $12 to $80, depending on the word count and your ranking profile on their site. 

The perks of this site are that you get to choose your topics, and you can build a client base. You can register here to become an iwriter, and start getting paid. 

4. writers.PH

top 10 websites for freelance writers

Getting published on this site takes a longer route. The application procedure includes writing a 60 minutes article. The writing task is assigned with respect to your preference: essay or technical writing. 

After this, you’ll be asked to submit your Resume/CV file in a pdf format and a clear photo of your ID for verification.

Then you’ll have to wait for approval from the editorial department. You will receive a response in about 24-48 hours. 

The advantage of this site is that there is a regular influx of work, and so you will gain more writing experience to further your career. 

To sign up for writers.PH, you can click this link

5. Quality Text

With quality text, you earn money by creating content for advertisers. 

You can choose your preferred topics and determine the number of articles you can write each day. The rates vary for writers.

6. Fiverr

top 10 websites for freelance writers

Fiverr is arguably the world’s number one hub for freelancers, and freelance employers. 

To sign up to Fiverr, all you have to do is go to the Fiverr site and create an account. After the account creation, click on the “more options” toolbar to access your dashboard and start pitching your services.

Using the site is pretty easy, and there are help pages and FAQs for newbies. 

While you will be paid for your services, Fiverr is entitled to a 20% commission of your remuneration. 

             7. Upwork.

top 10 websites for freelance writers

Just like Fiverr, Upwork can be used by freelancers in basically every area- Designers, marketers, etc. Upwork is also regarded as one of the best. 

Formerly known as Elance, it has gained a fair amount of popularity and has millions of visitors and businesses. 

You can get started on Upwork by signing up here. You’ll be prompted to create a profile. Be sure to fill all the required info, to make it easier for potential clients to find you. You will need positive feedback from clients. 

Before you accept a client, however, make sure their method of payment is verified to avoid any complications in the long run. Service fees range from 5% to 20%, depending on their lifetime billings with a specific client.

          8. People Per Hour

top 10 websites for freelance writers

There are three ways to get started on this site, as a freelance writer. You can either use hourlies, fixed price offers ready to start immediately, or post a job and let people find you. 

After you create a profile, start browsing for your preferred writing jobs. You can then send proposals to people or apply for already existing job offers, finish the job, and then get paid. 

Click here to start your registration process on the site. 

9. Freelancer

top 10 websites for freelance writers

Just like Fiverr, this site has a diversified audience. However, the writer here has to bid for projects. 

The writer who bids the lowest, and offers to complete the project in the least time gets the job. If you love speed writing and auctions, then feel free to sign up and apply for jobs here.

10. Guru

top 10 websites for freelance writers

The Guru site is very easy to use and completely hassle-free. Individuals and businesses can search for a freelancer or post a job right from the home page. 

However, it is important to check the customer’s profiles properly before accepting a job. 

As regards payment, freelancers are usually required to pay between a 4.95%-8.95% transaction fee, which is deducted from their earnings. This is still generally better than some other sites. 

Sign up here to create a free account, and start pitching your job proposals.

Being a newbie in the freelance writing business doesn’t have to be herculean. And getting your first paid gig isn’t so difficult if you follow the tips above.

If you have any questions, leave me a comment below. I will respond to it personally and provide the guidance you need.

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