Lesson 2

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When it comes to making money from writing, one of the conflicting thoughts that writers are confronted with is whether or not to narrow their skills down to a specific niche. 

For most writers, settling down to write on a particular subject is like walking through a maze. 

The biggest problem they are confronted with is the fear of content fatigue, getting bored with the subject and running out of topics for good content. They prefer to have a variety of subjects they can jump around and have the freedom to explore their options without burning out their list of ideas.

However, writing on a multiplicity of topics has its downsides. First is the conflict of identity. 

Let me paint a scenario. 

If you had a health condition which requires that you undergo surgery and two doctors were recommended to you; the first doctor is a music instructor who functions as a cleric on Sundays and is also a part-time chef while the second is a full-time surgeon, which of these doctors would you entrust your life to?

Read the illustration again but this time; try to imagine yourself in the place of the patient. A question suffices,

When people hear your name, what immediately pops up in their mind?

The subject of niching down all boils down to discovering your unique identity as a writer. 

It can be quite confusing because there are more than just one freelance writing niche that is good and profitable. 

Here are some tips to help you figure out your ideal niche.

  • Let your passion lead you

Think of subjects that really matter to you. What kind of books do you read? Which writing projects do you enjoy doing? What topics are you naturally drawn to, business, pop culture, fiction, politics, finance, tech, education or romance? 

If you are not tech-savvy, writing on technology-related topics would be a nightmare. 

Subjects bordering around style and clothing may not appeal to a writer who is not fashion-forward. 

You should also consider the writing style that appeals to you. Do you enjoy writing instructional, persuasive, narrative or conversational articles? 


  • Identify Your Area of Expertise

When you’ve identified your passion, the next question to ask yourself is, what can I do well?

There are specific areas of writing that you most skilled at. It is only wise that you focus on areas where you have a wealth of knowledge, experience, and expertise. 

For instance, if you have a solid grasp of customer avatar, market demographics, email marketing and white paper, you should consider tolling a path in copywriting.


  • Identify Opportunities or Gaps in The Market

The next step is to ensure that there is a market for your area of expertise/passion. You must consider your client base and the opportunities that abound for you. 

Do your homework, research and find blogs, businesses, and organizations that need your services in that niche. Make inquires about publications that are accepting entries from freelance writers in your chosen niche. 

Are there current job openings in your field? If there doesn’t seem to be a tangible market population for your niche, take a step back and broaden your subject to accommodate a larger market.


Don’t worry if it still seems unclear to you. It might take a while but you will eventually get a hang of it. You can start by creating a list of areas you want to use as prototypes, experiment with them and then make your final choice.

To your continued success…

Toby Nwazor,

Founder, Millionaire Writers