Lesson 4


I started my first blog in October 2014. A few months later, I got frustrated and I stopped running the blog.

On the first day of April 2015, I started another one with my friend and I invested everything I had into making it successful.

I embraced my job as a freelance writer with all the seriousness and vigor I could muster. I went job hunting from Upwork.com to fiver.com and all I could get was frustration and sad stories.

It was not a funny experience.

Along the line, I started searching for other freelance writers who were making money writing. That was when I discovered writers like Carol Tice, Elna Cain, and Bamidele Onibalusi who were making thousands of dollars every month through freelance writing.

Immediately, I started applying the secrets I learned from them, and in November 2015, I got my first paying client.

The secrets I learned from them which has been helping me get an endless stream of paying clients is what I want to share with you in today’s lesson.

I will summarize them into one major point: Build formidable online credibility as a freelance writer.

Quickly, let’s cut all the B.S and get into the crux of the matter.

How do you build formidable online credibility that will attract well-paying clients to you as a freelance writer?

You do that by showing your work in places where your prospective clients can see them and conclude you are the best thing since sliced bread.

There are many ways you can do this. But for today’s lesson, I will focus on one major way which is:


Guest-posting simply means that you are writing on a blog or website that is not yours. If you want a better definition, you can search for it on Google. My job today is to tell you how to use this to land those dream clients.

How do you do it?

  1.     Find a website that accepts guest posts which has a reputable number of monthly visitors.
  2.     Read through their contributors’ guidelines and adhere strictly to them.
  3.     Send them a pitch.
  4.     Once you are accepted, craft a formidable bio that shows what you do and where you can be found.
  5.     If you are not accepted, learn the lessons, shrug it off, reapply, or apply to the next website.

Note that when these websites publish your article, they may not pay you, but they give you a chance to showcase your best work to a wider audience which includes your prospective clients.

Then, you get to write a powerful bio for yourself which is where you talk about the service you are offering.

The image above is my bio on Good Men Project, which is the first place I ever guest posted on.

I had a powerful bio and I made it clear that I was for hire.

The first client I ever got reached out to me after he read one of the articles I had written on Bella Naija, and that was it.

Over time, I started writing on bigger websites like Huffington Post, Entrepreneur, Business 2 Community, and a host of other places.

And when that happened, I started getting flooded by clients who needed my services.

What usually happens is that when these clients see you writing on websites that are considered “Authority websites”, the perception they have about you changes.

That way, I get to charge $1,000 for a job that another writer would be struggling to apply for on upwork for $100.

But most importantly, so far as I keep contributing on these sites, more clients will be seeing what I am doing, and they will keep reaching out to me.

Rapid Implementation Tip

Head over to your Google console right away and search for websites that accept guest posts. You will see a lot of results. I will recommend you start with this list written by Matt Ahlgren.

He listed about 200 websites where you can apply to become a contributor and he even shared the links to their “write for us” pages, and in some cases, the email address to pitch.

Make it a goal to apply to a minimum of five of those websites each day. All you need to do is to go through their guidelines, tailor your pitch to what they are looking for, then apply.

Thankfully, one of the modules of this course talks about handling rejection, so that should not be an issue.

Always remember, if you get rejected, try to find out why. Learn the lesson if there is a lesson to learn. And if there is none, take a deep breath, breathe out, smile and say, “NEXT”.

I want to be a part of your success story. So don’t forget to shoot an email on toby@millionairewriters.com to tell me how this plays out for you.

To your continued success, Toby.