Lesson 5

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As a freelance writer looking to earn income from writing, you must learn the tricks of creating a captivating pitch to attract the attention of editors and publishers. 

Pitching is one of the easiest ways to get your favourite blogs, magazines and journals to publish your article. Here are some hacks to help you perfect your writing pitch. 

  1. Do Your Research

 Before pitching your writing skills to a blog or magazine, you must conduct a background check on their brand. This will help you tailor your pitch to the right people. 

Trust me, you don’t want to pitch your precious articles to people who do not need them. You have to be sure that they are interested in your type of content. 

Read their publication so you can familiarize yourself with their content structure, writing style and target audience. You can even low key stalk them on social media to have a clearer view of the kind of stuff that makes them tick. 

Run a Google search and find the email address of their editor so you can address your pitch directly to the editor of the blog section you want to write for. 

  1. Grab Their Attention

Every single word on your mail should be tailored to impress, starting from your subject headline to your mail signature. Make the headline short and catchy. 

Editors and publishers receive lots of emails every day. They only way to get them to open your mail is to make yours stand out among the pile. 

A subject line of 65 characters with an enticing clickbait will do the trick. Don’t just stop there, your article must be amazeballs. Your headline is the icing on the cake but what good is the icing if the cake is tasteless. 

Don’t write a wacky article and expert an applaud. How-to articles, list or expert posts and articles that revolve around social issues is sure to grab their attention.

  1. Keep It Simple

Now you’ve got the editor’s attention, you mustn’t bore him/her with a long mail. Resist the temptation to go on rattling about how you are a bad-ass writer or how you are a diehard fan. 

I’m sure they already get the point by now. The aim is to convince them that the article is newsworthy not bore them to death with creepy details.

Keep it simple and go straight to the point. 

Cut your narrative to a maximum of three paragraphs:

  1. Introduce yourself.
  2. Give a brief backdrop to your article or story.
  3. Tell them why your article should be on their publication.


  1. Blow Your Trumpet

That’s right! Whatever you do, do not forget to toot your own horn. What’s that saying about putting your best foot forward? It works like magic. 

Your pitch should exude confidence. Sing your achievements into their ears like a melodious tune. 

Look at the image below. I don’t joke with blowing my trumpet. I make sure that you know I am a top-notch writer and I’m the best you can get.

Do likewise.

Show them proof of your writing exploits. If you’ve published a book or won awards as a writer, ring the bell. 

Mention high domain blogs that have published your work and establish your credibility. Do not sell yourself short. Let them know that you are a jackpot. 

Don’t forget to follow-up on your pitch and also adhere to email etiquette like being polite.  

Don’t be disheartened if one pitch fails. Remember we only fail to win another day. Don’t give up. Brush up your article and pitch it to another publication.

Keep pushing until you get a Yes!

To your continued success…

Toby Nwazor,

Founder, Millionaire Writers