Lesson 1

When I started out, it took me about eight months before I made my first dime.

Eight long gruesome months. I am sure you don’t want to experience that.

Just like I was, there are a lot of broke writers who wish they could be making money doing what they love.

They write and write. And at most they get peanuts.

No wonder the most common questions most freelance writers ask are:

How can I make money from writing?
What platforms can I explore to earn from writing?
How can I command influence to be paid much more as a writer?

If the questions above have been burning in your heart, then I’ve got good news for you. 

You too can make a living in the writing industry.

Yes, you can transit from writing-for-the-love-of-writing to earning enough to cruise on a yacht in the Caribbean while sipping a glass of pina colada. 

You’d love that right?

Let’s dig in then

I understand that your goal is not to get more eyes on you. I get that. Making money from writing is the goal. 

But it all begins with getting seen.

Look around you, the internet has become the new market place, especially since the Covid-19 pandemic broke out. 

As a writer, you must resist the urge to stay in the shadow as you would normally want to.

You must normalize selling your skill and expertise.

But how do you do that? How do you share your craft with the world? How do you ensure that your voice is heard above all the noise?

Tip 1: Normalize being active on social media

The times have changed. And today, all you need to be seen is a mobile phone with an internet connection. 

Your goal is to get noticed for what you do.

And the easiest way to do that is by showing yourself on the various social media platforms. 

It is like blowing your own trumpet, right?

Yeah, I know.

Posting regular content there will increase your visibility as a writer. It will make people to start seeing and recognizing you as a prolific writer. 

Select one or two social media platforms that suit your personality and become active.

Personally, I will recommend Facebook and LinkedIn.

Post content regularly, and interact with your followers. 

You will get a lot of views. But apart from that, people will start to see you as the go-to expert in your niche. And, that’s an added advantage. 

Tip 2: Start your own blog and let your voice get heard

Blogging is a very profound way to showcase your writing skill. It is one of the places your prospective clients can look at to see how good you are as a writer. 

Choose the niche you are the most passionate about and have experience in and start writing immediately.

The more the people that visit your blog, the more exposure you get.

Tip 3: Explore guest blogging opportunities

By writing as a guest blogger, you are sharing your knowledge/expertise and establishing yourself as an authority figure in your industry. 

Not just that, you will be building on the foundation and credibility of other people who are bigger than you and getting more readers.

It could also be a means of navigating traffic to your personal blog too.

Reach out to owners of blogs you love and read regularly and pitch an article that provides value to their audience. Don't worry, we will talk about the awesomeness of guest blogging another day.

That’s it for today!

Now pick one of the tips above and start implementing right away.

Tomorrow, you will learn how niching affects you as a writer and how to make the most of it.


Toby Nwazor,

President, Millionaire Writers.

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