These 5 Freelance Jobs Are More Popular Among the Millennials

Working as a freelancer has continued to be on an increasing trend over the last decade and millennials seem to be a big part of the reason for it. About half of the millennials have freelance jobs. That is a great proportion of the US population especially when we consider the fact that the millennials are now the largest generation of the U.S. workforce (about 38%). What is more striking is that the number is predicted to increase as Millennials grow and further dominate the workforce.

When we look at the core values and lifestyles of the millennials we begin to see why freelance is a perfect fit for them. Millennials like freedom and flexibility. They love to do what they love, and they tend to be tech-savvy.

These are the combination of the kind of things freelancing offers them. Freelancing provides the advantage of being location independent, and not tied to a schedule. So, it is not surprising why freelancing is more appealing to the millennials.

In this article, I will be sharing five of the most common freelance jobs among the millennials and why they go for them.


freelance jobs for millennials

Freelance writing is one of the most popular among the millennials. It is also one of the most popular segments on many freelance platforms like Fiverr, freelancers, Upwork, etc. Essay writing, for instance, is easy to set up, especially with many of these freelancing websites.

Writing presents a broad option from which millennials can choose and specialize. Through a number of open courses and resources online, millennials are able to develop their writing skills and offer such as a service to people.

There is no strict qualification needed for you to be hired as a writer other than having good writing skills. This is one of the reasons a lot of millennials opt for writing opportunities.


Many millennials are turning the flair for photography into work. Even those without the natural talent for photography prefer to spend money on taking photography courses to hone their skills. This I can say, is one of the easiest freelance jobs.

Millennials are turning to this job due to the ease and flexibility it offers. Many even see it as a fun way of making money. By offering to take pictures at friend’s birthday or rehearsal dinner, quite a lot of millennials have discovered the potential hidden in photography freelance job.

3.Etsy Shop

Many millennials make their living by setting up online shops. Etsy, for instance, is a handmade marketplace with its own style and vibe. It is a platform that helps many artisans, crafters, and makers bring their work and product to a much wider market on the internet. One unique thing about Etsy is that anyone could create shop around anything or campaign like ALS ice bucket challenge shirts, Christmas gift ideas, festive home décor.

Etsy is unique. One cannot compare it with Amazon or eBay. Just like the Amazon promo code, Etsy makes use of coupon codes as a marketing strategy for its users. And compared to other marketing platforms, it is easier to build your own brand on Etsy. This is why many millennials find it a lot more appealing.

4.Graphic Designing

Freelance graphics designing is one of the highest paying freelance jobs. Thus, I am not surprised it’s appealing to the millennials. Besides, it is also one of the fastest-growing freelance career options that millennials are tapping into.

It offers quite a number of options for people to specialize in. Thus, millennials are tapping into this opportunity big time. Unlike most freelance jobs, graphic designing requires having a number of skills. Fortunately, these are skills that are peculiar to millennials anyway as they are more technology-oriented and creative thinkers.

5.YouTube Sensation

There are thousands of videos about anything on YouTube. This is particularly open to anyone as there is no special skill involved. Millennials generally have a flair for the Internet, particularly social media. Many of them have turned to YouTube sensation as a freelance job by providing video that either entertains people or solves a problem.

Many millennials are making money simply by creating and uploading prank videos, meme videos, review videos, etc. I was surprised when I learned that people are making money on videos like how to play Fifa 17, Chainsaw Massacre Prank, how to drive Mercedes Benz, etc.

With no certification restrictions, it’s not surprising that it’s appealing to the millennials. Since all it takes is a video of whatever you can do that will benefit others! What a smart way to make money!

While the normal 9 to 5 job is not really vaporizing, many millennials are seeing a future in freelancing. With the flexible work hour, it is the perfect fit for most millennial. Thus, to attract this current generation, providing them flexible work time might be one of the ways to reach, appeal and get the best of them.I originally published this on Huffington Post.

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